Editors Emeriti

Past editors, while no longer involved in the day-to-day work of the editorial board, remain dedicated to the Review, providing wisdom and the occasional helping hand. The Review appreciates the previous and continued contribution of the emeriti.

Edgar A. Bering IV — Founding Editor, Volume I
Frank Ban — Founding Editor, Volume I-II
Eeshan Wagh — Founding Editor, Volume I-II
Michael Baker — Editor, Volume II
Ehsaan Hossain — Editor, Volume II
Massey Cashore — Editor, Volume II
Saifuddin Syed — Editor, Volume II

Faculty Adviser

Dr. Frank Zorzitto

Past Staff

The Waterloo Mathematics Review would not be where it is today without the dedicated support of its staff, past and present. The Review is indebted to the following individuals for their previous contributions.

Joshuah G. E. Touyz — Founding graduate adviser
Basil K. Singer — Founding graduate adviser
Peter Barfuss — Review board I-1
Daniel L. Johnstone — Review board I-1
Janis Lazovskis — Review board I-1
Richard M. Zsolt — Founding general manager
Tom Blaikie — Assistant to the general manager I-2
Samson Hu — Assistant to the general manager I-2
Carolyn Augusta — Review board I-2
Shalev Ben-David — Review board I-1, I-2
Luke Bovard — Review board I-1, I-2
Casey Devet — Review board I-2
Chen-Fei Du — Review board I-1, I-2
Juno Jung — Review board I-2
Ifaz Kabir — Review board I-2
Boyu Li — Review board I-2, II-1
David McLaughlin — Review board I-2
Mihai Nica — Review board I-2
Nicholas Ormrod — Review board I-2
Maysum Panju — Review board I-1, I-2, II-1
Lisa Pidduck — General manager I-3
Evan W. Kinsman — Circulation manager I-3, II-1, II-2
Brett Coburn — Assistant to the general manager I-3, II-1, Finance manager II-2
Saifuddin Syed — Assistant to the general manager I-3
Umar Aftab — Review board I-3
Ian L. Charlesworth — Review board I-3
Robert Graham — Review board I-3
Max Tabord-Meehan — Review board I-3
Ren Zhu — Review board I-3, II-1
Robbie Irwin — Review board II-1
Ahmad Abidi — Review board II-2
Thom Bohdanowicz — Review board II-2
Yossef Musleh — Review board II-2